DSB Rules

The DSB rules are intended to make playing in DSB fun for everyone. They are enforced by Operators (Ops), special players who wear the Op> tag in their names and wear the "DSB Staff" squad tag. DSB Staff also includes Senior Staff, Super Moderators (SMods), and Sysops (Sysops) (click here to view the Senior Staff List). You can identify most moderators as players who wear the squad tag "DSB Staff".

The DSB public rules are as follows:


  1. No cheating (hacking the SS client software, exploiting bugs in the client or bots, etc)
  2. No team killing
  3. No advertising other zones
  4. Respectful Conduct. This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Be respectful towards members of staff
    2. Be respectful towards your fellow players
    3. Do not abuse ?help, ?host, ?lagger, ?cheater commands
    4. Do not spam
    5. No racial, gender, or sexual slurs
  5. No impersonating of staff members or bots
  6. Comply with moderators at all times

Pub Gameplay

  1. Players on freq 0 and freq 1 must use ships 1-4 and 5-8, respectively, unless otherwise stated by a member of Senior Staff.
  2. No free-floating outside of the Death Star
  3. No giving free kills/deaths
  4. No safety laming. This means you cannot hide in the nkz and only come out and shoot when you aren't threatened by an enemy

Moderators will issue at least 1 warning to a player who is breaking the rules (with the exception of cheating). Afterwards, they will follow the protocols laid out in the moderator manual to enforce the rules.

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