DSB Re-Organization discussion is open!

Check out the forums, we're trying to update DSB to meet the current standards of the community! URL: http://www.deathstarbattle.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=478 Also remember that Back Alley Brawl League number 5 has started, registrations are still open and squads are recruiting, visit DSB or ask in the forums if you have quesions!

-Beer Hunter

2013-06-04 02:11:37

Back Alley Brawl League 4 Registration is up!!!

BABL4 is starting this Sunday, Nov, 11. Registration is still up in ?go bab using the DSB-DB-Bot, send !help for all commands. Pre-season schedule for Nov, 11: Everglaze vs Red Hawks @ 18GMT/1pm EDT, Left0vers vs Nub Factor @ 19GMT/2pm EDT, Vuohet vs Amputease @ 20GMT/3pm EDT Event Sundays has now been moved to Saturdays in order to make room for league. Please continue to join us for events every Saturday from 18GMT/1pm EDT - 21GMT/4pm EDT.


2012-11-06 23:13:20


We are currently hosting events every Sunday from 18GMT - 21GMT/2pm EST - 5pm EST. This week will we host Dodgeball, Back Alley Brawl a Player Voted Event. Schedule will change weekly. All are welcome to come and play!!!


2012-10-22 23:06:48

Princess Leia Theme

Hi Subspace

It's time to save Princess Leia!!! Rebels start outside main entrance and Empire starts in core. Rebels have to break in and get a 51/100 flag ding to release Leia (ball) in deep South,E8.Empire must prevent this and will be rewarded for doing so. If Leia gets out Rebels must get her back to the mothership/safe/goal.Empire has to get her to star destroyer in north tube entrance and get her off DeathStar and away from Rebels.

Enjoy :)


PS - Many thanks to Eridu for this theme!


2012-06-16 05:23:51

TCL Finals, and Next Leagues!

Hey DSB,

Next Sunday is the last match of TCL! The top 4 squads, Super, eg-c, Left0vers, and Downies will be vying for the TCL title! It promises to be an exciting match, so come out and watch the game at 18 GMT / 2pm EDT!

Also, we will be opening registration for two summer leagues simultaneously this weekend. An announcement for that will come out in the next couple of days. Also, we are in the final stages of a pub theme that will put a "goal" to pub, which we hope to roll out next week.

See you in the star,


2012-06-13 05:13:45

TCL Battle for places 2-4

The battle for final showdown remains interesting. Only one squad has dropped out of the battle for places 2-4.

Super has ensured their place in the final but all other teams need to work hard to make their way there, Everglaze with the biggest effort required.
EZs have shown great fighting spirit even though they hold the last place. One has to bear in mind EZs mainly consists of players who are new to league.

The last two weeks should offer great battles, and I am positive the current standings will not hold till the end.

Show up to either take part or witness great battle on 27 May and 3 June at 18 & 19GMT.


2012-05-21 14:55:00

TCL Week 5 Schedule

Sunday, May 20
Match 9: 18 GMT / 2pm EDT
Match 10: 19 GMT / 3pm EDT

Just 3 weekends left in the regular season! Remember, the top 4 squads advance to the finals, which is 3 games of 3v3v3v3.

Current standings: click here


2012-05-15 01:42:12

TCL Week 4

Sunday, May 13th
The week 4 matches have been rescheduled to May 13th. We apologize for the delay!
Match 1: 18 GMT / 2pm Eastern
Match 2: 19 GMT / 3pm Eastern

After 3 weeks, Super maintains the lead, having won every match. The league is far from over, though. The top 4 squads advance to the finals, which will be played 3v3v3v3 in 3 matches held over two weekends. So with the regular season just under half finished, spots 2, 3, and 4 are still anyone's game!

To see the current standings, click here.


2012-04-30 21:32:53

TCL Week 3 Matches

Hey all,

The week 3 matches will be as follows:

Sunday, April 29
Match 1: 18 GMT / 2pm EDT
Match 2: 19 GMT / 3pm EDT

The current standings and results may be found here.


2012-04-24 04:46:55

League Results and Standings Up

Hey all,

The league standings and results pages are now up on dsb.com:


Additionally, there are several updates throughout the site, so browse around. Keep in mind that the site is continuously being updated, so check back regularly for updates. And post suggestions if you have any :)


2012-04-20 05:31:57

WEEK 2 TCL Matches

Reminder of the 2 Team Combat League matches Sunday April 22 @ 18GMT and 19 GMT/2pm and 3pm Eastern Time. Matches are now 40 minutes long. Come join in and see what its like in ?go tcl1. Registration up in ?go dsb using the db-bot, send !help for all commands.


2012-04-19 02:29:06

Sunday, April 15 - TCL Match 1

Hello DSB!

Team Combat League will begin on 15th April at 18:00GMT (2pm EDT). All registered squads can play!

There's still time to register squads and join teams. Go to ?go dsb, and use the DB bot!

To learn more about the league format, click here.


2012-04-12 05:34:45

Team Combat League - Game for practice and gearing up for the real deal!

Hello there DSB!

We have another scheduled practice game coming up for Team Combat League. The game will happen on Sunday 8th of April at 18:00GMT (2pm EST).

The actual league begins on 15th April so this is your last chance to practice, oil that jumpsuit for real combat, tighten the screws of your warbird seat and make last adjustments to the joystick.

Team Combat League - where the fun is hiding right in the center of the action.

-Beer Hunter

2012-04-04 02:46:49

Team Combat League Test Game

Hello DSB! We will host Team Combat League test game on Saturday, March 31 at 18:00GMT. As a reminder, games are 3v3v3v... Anyone can play, just come and make a team!


2012-03-31 01:11:17

Team Combat league test game

Hello DSB! We will host Team Combat league test game on Sunday 25th March at 18:00GMT. Please be there we need to test our bot and also you have a nice opportunity to see what kind of game Team Combat League will be!

-Beer Hunter

2012-03-25 03:34:12

Team Combat League

Hello DSB!

Team Combat League is starting soon! Squad and player registration remains open. You can register with the DB bot in ?go DSB. For more information about the league, visit the league forum thread here.

You can visit the league website here.

The league will be 3v3v3v3...etc. Player death limit of 10. Any squads who show up with 3 can play. Teams are limited to 1 bomber and 1 emper. Bot development is in the final stages of testing. We anticipate that the league will begin in the next 2-3 weeks.

-PS- Website upgrades are ongoing. Poke around to see what's new!


2012-03-21 22:21:50

Staff Promotions!!!

Hello DSB,

I am pleased to announce two staff promotions:

Congratulations to notsoserious for his promotion to DSB Staff Sysop! Abruzzi informed me recently that she is unable to continue her head-of-op-staff role due to irl issues. Therefore, I have chosen nss to fill the role. He has been an op since 2008 and has served DSB loyally and passionately.

Secondly, congratulations to Eridu for his promotion to DSBe Sysop! CrimsonBlue stepped down recently to pursue senior staff positions in tw, and so I have chosen Eridu to fill the role. Eridu has only been with us for a short time (relatively speaking), but he has served DSB honestly and enthusiastically.

I look forward to working with nss and Eridu to move DSB into the future. Please congratulate them when you see them! :)



2012-02-25 02:24:59

New Events Videos!!!

New flagrace and asteroids videos have been posted to the Events page! Watch Detector set the record DSB Flagrace time, and watch Chalk Eagle destroy every track in the Asteroids arena! It's insane!


2012-02-23 05:41:43

DSBL 14 Round 2 Beginning!

Round 2 begins on Sunday, January 8th! Here is the schedule:

18:00GMT: Old Bones vs Inducers 19:30GMT: .Lockout. vs Everglaze 21:00GMT: EZ's vs Nub Factor


2012-01-05 04:32:15

Christmas Map is Up!

The snowballs are back! Please enjoy our festive map as your hurl snowballs at friends and steal the presents left behind by their exploding ships.

Happy Holidays from DSB staff!


2011-12-20 07:38:45

New Website and Forums!

DSB has a new web home! We have a new website as well as new forums. Both are under construction, but are functional.

To visit the new forums, click here. You can register and activate the account via your e-mail address.

Hopefully we will never have to move again. Thanks for being patient while we set up our new hosting following the loss of our last forums/website.



2011-12-17 14:56:28

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