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Week 5

Sunday, May 20
Match 9: 18 GMT / 2pm EDT
Match 10: 19 GMT / 3pm EDT

Just 3 weekends left in the regular season! Remember, the top 4 squads advance to the finals, which is 3 games of 3v3v3v3.

Current standings: click here


2012-05-15 01:41:53

Week 4

The week 4 matches have been rescheduled to Sunday, May 13th! Sorry for the delay!

Sunday, May 13th
Match 1: 18 GMT / 2pm Eastern
Match 2: 19 GMT / 3pm Eastern

After 3 weeks, Super maintains the lead, having won every match. The league is far from over, though. The top 4 squads advance to the finals, which will be played 3v3v3v3 in 3 matches held over two weekends. So with the regular season just under half finished, spots 2, 3, and 4 are still anyone's game!

To see the current standings, click here.


2012-04-30 21:33:30

Week 3

Hey all,

The week 3 matches will be as follows:

Sunday, April 29
Match 1: 18 GMT / 2pm EDT
Match 2: 19 GMT / 3pm EDT

The current standings and results may be found here.


2012-04-24 04:47:17

Results and Standings Now Up

Hey all,

The league standings and results pages are now up on

Additionally, there are several updates throughout the site, so browse around. Keep in mind that the site is continuously being updated, so check back regularly for updates. And post suggestions if you have any :)


2012-04-20 05:32:21

TCL Week 2 Matches

Reminder of the 2 Team Combat League matches Sunday April 22 @ 18GMT and 19 GMT/2pm and 3pm Eastern Time. Matches are now 40 minutes long. Come join in and see what its like in ?go tcl1. Registration up in ?go dsb using the db-bot, send !help for all commands.


2012-04-19 04:25:23

Sunday, April 15 - TCL Match 1

Hello DSB!

Team Combat League will begin on 15th April at 18:00GMT (2pm EDT). All registered squads can play!

There's still time to register squads and join teams. Go to ?go dsb, and use the DB bot!

To learn more about the league format, click here.


2012-04-12 05:36:47

Squad Registration Is Open!

Hello DSB!

Squad registration is now open for Team Combat League 1. To register squads, go to ?go dsb and register with the db bot. The process is identical to the process from DSBL 14. Please note that maximum roster size is 10.

Also, there is a discussion about the league gameplay and format on the league forums. Follow the discussion here.


2012-02-28 20:45:11

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