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2014-03-30 19:12:22devote added to squad smanged(0)
2014-03-30 19:12:06Devote joined the league.
2014-03-30 19:09:43Train added to squad Smanged(0)
2014-03-30 19:09:33Train joined the league.
2014-03-30 19:06:59BZAP added to squad Left0vers(0)
2014-03-30 19:06:45BZAP joined the league.
2014-03-23 20:00:38Highlife added to squad Left0vers(0)
2014-03-23 20:00:19HighLife joined the league.
2014-03-23 17:56:06uniqe joined Red Hawks.
2014-03-23 17:55:10Uniqe joined the league.
2014-03-16 19:17:31Cadbury joined the league.
2014-03-16 17:36:02Detector joined Red Hawks.
2014-03-16 14:14:33PAAjehu joined Everglaze.
2014-03-16 14:09:06PAAjehu joined the league.
2014-03-04 18:53:05Victorious joined the league.
2014-03-02 20:08:54GROM joined Everglaze.
2014-03-02 20:08:07GROM joined the league.
2014-03-02 19:03:32DEAD FISH! added to squad LEGO(0)
2014-03-02 19:02:35DEAD FISH! joined the league.
2014-02-27 02:41:49old boner joined Left0vers.
2014-02-27 02:40:45old boner joined the league.
2014-02-25 21:16:40lel joined the league.
2014-02-23 20:07:17GKUA joined Everglaze.
2014-02-23 20:07:00GKUA joined the league.
2014-02-23 20:02:05Locke joined LEGO.
2014-02-23 17:16:02IceSword promoted to trustee of Everglaze.
2014-02-23 17:15:57IceSword joined Everglaze.
2014-02-23 17:15:17IceSword joined the league.
2014-02-23 11:54:16Locke joined the league.
2014-02-22 10:18:19Activate joined Everglaze.
2014-02-22 02:37:55Vidiot_X joined Left0vers.
2014-02-22 02:18:44Vidiot_X joined the league.
2014-02-21 18:56:53Hump dissolved by Activate.
2014-02-18 01:20:04Hump squadcreated by Activate.
2014-02-18 01:19:29Activate joined the league.
2014-02-16 19:59:31Cyb3rSee joined Left0vers.
2014-02-16 19:58:25Cyb3rSee joined the league.
2014-02-12 15:43:32Gentleman promoted to trustee of Everglaze.
2014-02-12 15:43:24detector joined Everglaze.
2014-02-09 22:19:10Detector joined the league.
2014-02-09 21:05:49Snuka promoted to trustee of Left0vers.
2014-02-09 21:05:36Super J promoted to trustee of Left0vers.
2014-02-09 20:05:07gentleman joined Everglaze.
2014-02-09 20:04:25Gentleman joined the league.
2014-02-09 19:56:13zimmel joined Everglaze.
2014-02-09 19:11:37air matrix joined smanged.
2014-02-09 19:10:58Air Matrix joined the league.
2014-02-09 16:52:55Bran man promoted to trustee of Red Hawks.
2014-02-09 16:52:45seriel killer promoted to trustee of Red Hawks.
2014-02-08 01:41:39Clue 1525 joined the league.
2014-02-05 01:48:51mbs1 joined Left0vers.
2014-02-05 01:48:45Super J joined Left0vers.
2014-02-05 01:48:23Super J joined the league.
2014-02-05 01:48:15mbs1 joined the league.
2014-02-05 01:38:39Snuka joined Left0vers.
2014-02-05 01:37:59Snuka joined the league.
2014-02-04 00:37:45godZERO joined smanged.
2014-02-04 00:36:59godZERO joined the league.
2014-02-04 00:34:38Carly Rae Jepsen joined smanged.
2014-02-04 00:31:33Carly Rae Jepsen joined the league.
2014-02-03 06:33:38yojimbo^ joined smanged.
2014-02-03 06:32:58YojimbO^ joined the league.
2014-02-03 05:00:49kyler promoted to trustee of smanged.
2014-02-03 04:59:47gripe joined smanged.
2014-02-03 04:59:31lancosaurusteks joined smanged.
2014-02-03 04:59:28grIpe joined the league.
2014-02-03 04:58:27kyler joined smanged.
2014-02-03 04:57:35smanged squadcreated by field.
2014-02-03 04:55:48squadname dissolved by field.
2014-02-03 04:55:16squadname squadcreated by field.
2014-02-03 04:54:29LancosaurusTeKs joined the league.
2014-02-03 04:53:55kyler joined the league.
2014-02-02 20:55:21Magnum Size joined LEGO.
2014-02-02 20:54:44Magnum Size joined the league.
2014-02-02 19:19:15Hood squad name changed to LEGO by Infinite~.
2014-02-02 19:11:54Broken Sky squad name changed to Hood by Infinite~.
2014-02-02 17:57:01Beer hunter promoted to trustee of Red Hawks.
2014-02-02 17:56:49krage promoted to trustee of Red Hawks.
2014-02-02 17:55:12Krage joined Red Hawks.
2014-02-02 17:55:03Bran man joined Red Hawks.
2014-02-02 17:22:33Nitpick dissolved by field.
2014-02-02 17:21:18Nitpick squadcreated by field.
2014-02-02 17:21:07field joined the league.
2014-02-02 03:32:27Krage joined the league.
2014-02-01 16:05:20Thugs joined Broken Sky.
2014-02-01 16:04:58Bomb^ joined Broken Sky.
2014-02-01 16:04:52Thugs joined the league.
2014-02-01 16:04:31bomb^ joined the league.
2014-02-01 16:03:04Broken Sky squadcreated by Infinite~.
2014-02-01 16:02:47Infinite~ joined the league.
2014-01-29 19:16:31Pater Punishment promoted to trustee of Everglaze.
2014-01-28 10:19:04Pater Punishment joined Everglaze.
2014-01-28 10:18:54cyph joined Everglaze.
2014-01-26 22:06:39Cyph joined the league.
2014-01-26 22:04:51Pater Punishment joined the league.
2014-01-26 21:28:56Everglaze squadcreated by Matioso.
2014-01-26 21:28:48Matioso joined the league.
2014-01-26 18:24:17Bran Man joined the league.
2014-01-26 18:22:17LeClair joined the league.
2014-01-26 18:06:54seriel killer joined Red Hawks.
2014-01-26 18:06:32Seriel Killer joined the league.
2014-01-26 18:04:12Zimmel joined the league.
2014-01-26 17:45:33Beer Hunter joined Red Hawks.
2014-01-26 17:43:18Beer Hunter joined the league.
2014-01-26 17:42:13Red Hawks squadcreated by Gurliver.
2014-01-26 17:41:42Gurliver joined the league.
2014-01-25 22:04:32Left0vers squadcreated by Eridu.
2014-01-25 22:04:18Eridu joined the league.

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