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2013-09-22 18:31:21rock'et joined Left0vers.
2013-09-22 14:51:38Beer Hunter promoted to trustee of Red Hawks.
2013-09-20 18:24:58rock'et joined the league.
2013-09-15 19:16:20Beer Hunter joined Red Hawks.
2013-09-15 19:15:57Beer Hunter joined the league.
2013-09-15 19:15:22Red Hawks squadcreated by Gurliver.
2013-09-15 19:12:41big-f joined Nintendo.
2013-09-15 19:12:09Big-F joined the league.
2013-09-15 19:10:59Gurliver joined the league.
2013-09-14 22:12:08legodude1996 joined the league.
2013-09-11 20:09:56Nintendo squadcreated by Infinite~.
2013-09-11 19:49:39Infinite~ joined the league.
2013-09-10 22:12:19RoughRiders squadcreated by wo.
2013-09-10 22:12:08wo joined the league.
2013-09-10 21:43:31Left0vers squadcreated by Eridu.
2013-09-10 21:43:05Eridu joined the league.

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